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What is a denture?

Dentures are one of the most common ways of replacing missing teeth. They can replace either a few teeth (a partial denture) or a whole set (complete dentures). If you have lost some teeth, dentures can improve the way you look, bite, chew and speak. Without dentures, a gap left by a missing tooth or teeth can mean greater strain is put on the natural teeth at either side. The teeth next to the space can also lean into the gap and alter the way the upper and lower teeth bite together. Food can get packed into the gap, which causes both decay and gum disease.

Some people are worried that others will be able to tell immediately that they have dentures, but the quality and appearance of today’s dentures is far better than ever before.

How a denture is made

To make sure that the dentures fit properly, a dentist uses a putty-like material to make moulds (impressions) of the mouth. A dental technician uses them to make models for the denture to be built on. The technician then makes wax blocks to fit the models. The dentist puts these in the mouth to record the position of the jaws in relation to each other. The dentist then trims and seals the wax blocks to show the technician how the teeth should bite together and the shape to make the denture. A trial denture is created and tested by the patient for fit and appearance before any final changes are made. The trial denture is sent back to the technician, who permanently fixes the teeth, making the denture ready for use.

Cleaning your dentures

If you have dentures, it’s important to keep them clean. Here are some useful tips:

Make sure you brush your denture every day, just as you would your own teeth.

Use a soft to medium brush, which won’t scratch the denture, and your regular toothpaste.

Clean your denture over a basin of water or a towel so it won’t get damaged if you drop it.

You can also soak your denture using a special solution or tablets, but you will still need to brush the denture to make sure it is completely clean and rinse it before putting it back in your mouth.

What are the alternatives to dentures?

The main alternative to a partial denture is a fixed bridge. However, bridges are only possible if you have enough strong teeth with good bone support. Your other option is a dental implant which attaches directly to the jawbone. Your Manor Square dentist can advise you on all your options and help you to decide which is the best way of replacing your missing teeth.

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