Braces (orthodontics)

Having teeth that stick out or are crooked or ‘gappy’ are not always desirable from a cosmetic point of view. However, they can also cause problems. Food and bacteria can get stuck between the teeth causing decay, or sticking out teeth can lead to mouth ulcers or speech problems. An option may be to have your teeth straightened through orthodontics – by wearing a brace.

Most orthodontics work is carried out on teenagers, but an increasing number of adults are also looking to orthodontics. Your Manor Square dentist can discuss all your options with you and can refer you to a specialist orthodontist for treatment.

The type of brace will depend on how much your teeth need to be straightened.

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The invisible clear brace

One of the newer types of brace available is like a transparent cover for the teeth. This type of brace is proving popular with adults as it is barely visible, in contrast to the traditional metal brace. They offer the ideal way to change your smile without impacting on your confidence and lifestyle.

The ‘train track’ brace

One of the most common is the fixed or ‘train track’ brace. Small metal or tooth-coloured blocks are glued directly to each tooth and a fine wire is run through the blocks. Special elastic bands may be added to help straighten the teeth. The wire and the bands are tightened and adjusted on a regular basis by the orthodontist.

The removable brace

This is another common type of brace. A special plate sits in the roof of the mouth or just under the tongue with a special wire that runs across the teeth to pull them into line.

The retainer

This is similar to the removable brace and is used after the removal of the ‘train track’ type brace to make sure the teeth stay in position.

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