At Manor Square Dental Practice, we aim to provide high quality dental care at an affordable price.

Click here to download a pdf of our treatment pricing list. Prices vary depending on patients’ requirements but this will give you a guide to the typical costs of various treatments.

We also try to be as flexible as possible by offering monthly dental health plans as well as a ‘pay as you go’ payment option.

‘Pay as you go’

Many patients choose to pay for their dental care on a 'pay as you go' basis as they receive it. This method of paying may suit you if you don't go to the dentist very often, or if your teeth are in good condition and you rarely need more than a check-up and a quick clean.

Our cost for a new patient consultation and dental health check is £60.00. If you require treatment, your Manor Square dentist will carry out a thorough assessment of your individual requirements and make a bespoke treatment plan for you.

Your treatment cost will be based on:

  1. the selected procedure
  2. the recommended materials 
  3. the estimated time taken

You will always receive an upfront cost estimate so that you can decide whether or not you wish to go ahead with the treatment. The estimate will also tell you when we expect payment.

Manor Square dental health plans

Research shows that preventive dentistry delivered on a regular basis greatly reduces the risk of dental problems and provides a solid platform for a lifetime of good oral health. We encourage such an approach and provide payment plans that are designed to keep you dentally fit and reduce the need for future treatment whilst allowing you to easily budget for your dental care. You can choose:

  1. Manor Square Maintenance Plan
    A monthly plan where you pay a fixed amount and your routine check-ups and preventative care is covered, but more complex cleaning and further work is carried out at a discounted cost.
  2. Manor Square Care Plan
    A monthly plan where the amount you pay is dependent on your oral health, but more of your routine dental treatment is covered.
  3. Manor Square Children’s Plan
    A monthly plan which is specially tailored to your child’s on-going dental care.

For more information on the plan contents, visit our Dental plans page or ask your Manor Square dentist.